Installation is done via the GUI Installer

Using the Installer

  1. Issue below to launch the Installer
wget && chmod +x && ./
  1. Follow the prompts to install
  1. Upon completetion, below will be displayed
Version: JRI Publisher Full Installation
Control Panel Modules: jri_publisher certbot
Tomcat Version: 9
Java Version: OpenJDK
Installation is now completed.
SSL Provisioning Success.
  1. Click the Login link on the home page to log in.

Via Git or Download

You can use Git to build module for an existing Webmin installation:

 git clone
 mv jri-publisher-master jri_publisher
 tar -cvzf jri_publisher.wbm.gz jri_publisher/


Following above, you will need to log in to Webmin to complete installation using the install Wizard.


In order to use the email functionality for Report Scheduling, a working MTA is required.

If one is not already installed, the simplest to install is Postfix.

Postfix can be installed on Webmin.

Navigate to Servers > Unused Modules > Postfix Mail Server

Accept the defaults and click “Install Now” as shown below.